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Why you should be aware of Robbery crimes in Burlington

Robbery may be defined as the unlawful, forcible taking of a victim’s property from the person of the victim. Robbery is distinguished from other unlawful seizures of property.

A criminal charge of robbery may be elevated from simple to aggravated robbery if a deadly weapon is brandished during the crime or if the victim suffers serious injury during the unlawful taking of the victim’s property.

If we want to understand Robbery it can also be defined as:

By using or threatening to use force.
By injuring the person or causing them to fear injury.
By attempting to kill or severely injure the person.
The property taken or attempted to be taken can be movable or immovable, and it must
be taken with the intent of permanently depriving the owner.

Criminal lawyers need the consent of the client to deal with lists of belongings or the amount taken by the robbers. Its very difficult for lawyers to distinguish between the actual amount of the robbery and the one explained by the victim.

One of the worst robbery includes:

The Securitas Depot Robbery where the robbers went so harsh.

The largest cash robbery in British history went down in 2006, at a security services company’s warehouse in Kent. An inside man filmed the interior of the Securitas depot in preparation.

Then, men clad in elaborate masks kidnapped the branch manager and held his family hostage. The robbers took him to the warehouse and forced him to give them access to the cash cages.

The crew stole about $83 million. Despite their clever disguises, some of the robbers were caught, and the makeup artist who designed the masks became a key witness in the case. So here we see the robbers stole the money and also hold the branch manager family hostage. Which is very tough time for the branch manager.

There are certain things you can do during a robbery:

Remain calm and do not resist, Avoid any quick and naive movement.

Follow the robber’s directions, but do not offer more than what they ask for, for example do you want the cash in the safe box also?

You’ll need to describe the suspect when filing your report. Take note of their features including race, age, height, hair and eye color, clothing, etc. Is there anything unusual about their appearance such as scars or tattoos. So you can make some mental notes of the appearance of the robbers to dictate later.

After the robbery first choose to go to a safe location and then report the crime to the Police or concerning department.

Some companies have developed Robber Prevention Kits for placement in stores with the signs and addresses. Some of them are for behind the counter (employees), others are for
public display. The best lawyers in Burlington have expertise in robbery crimes and always helpful toward the communities.

Certain tips you can follow to prevent a Robbery:

  • Trust Yourself, If you sense trouble, get away as soon as possible
  • Don’t look an easy target. Robbers want someone who will provide the least resistance
  • Be alert and observe the people around you. Know who is walking behind and in front of you
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid carrying a lot of money.

A Proper employee training of the procedures to follow during a robbery is vital to surviving the confrontation. Conduct documented training and discussion periods so that every worker knows his or her part and has a chance to ask questions. A few minutes of brief review on a regular basis will help to ensure the proper reaction in case of a robbery. The overriding consideration in dealing with a robbery is to reduce the possibility of injury. Taking utmost precautions at all levels of work and sensitive departments can help to prevent a robbery and can save many lives without any hustle from fire armed robbers and other dangerous criminals.